what are the advantages of beach chairs?

Without beach chairs, how can people enjoy sunshine and beach? In order to provide comfort feeling, the design of the beach chair is based on the principle of conforming to the human body curve and its own material properties, it also emphasizing the smoothness of overall structure and flowing line-shape.

The design of the beach chair was originally designed to give people the feeling of coming to the sunshine coast, that’s why it has a flowing line- and arc-shape.

The beach chair features a lightweight yet sturdy powder-coated steel frame. Its double bungee support system runs up one side and down the other, securely connecting the fabric to the frame. The chair offers reliable support and can accommodate up to 300 pounds.

Use the chair at home or take it along when heading to the beach, park, or campsite. Weighing just 16.5 pounds, the portable zero-gravity chair transports easily from one location to another.

Since outdoor leisure beach chairs are not hindered by limited space, they are easy to carry and to be foldable without taking much space. They are absolute ideal choice for beach vacation.


Post time: Apr-01-2020